When is the best time to fish on lake como

When is the best time to fish on lake como

When is the best time to fish Lake Como and its surrounding waters? We hear this question from anglers all the time and it's an important inquiry. As fishing guides and avid anglers for the past couple decades we thought a little professional insight might be in order for those of your next Lake Como fishing trip.

First we'll discuss what you as an angler should consider prior to traveling to fish on Lake Como, then we'll provide some of our recommendations based on the season.

  • The first thing to consider is what are your personal fishing priorities? Do you want to target selective trout or just go for some biggies? Are you a dry fly only angler? Maybe you're just looking to have a great day on the river and introduce your newest partner to fly fishing and get them some professional instruction. 

  • Further consideration - what time of year is best for you and your group to travel? Lake Como like much of Northern Italy experiences large amounts of spring run-off. This run-off is when mountain snows melt and flood certain rivers making them un-fishable. Fortunately, other rivers or spring creeks fish very well.

Now that you've had time to consider your priorities and travel dates here's our thoughts on when is the best time to fish on Lake Como. We'll also suggest some, but not all, of the best rivers during those times.


When is the best time to fish on lake como

by season

"When is the best time to fish Lake Como" we respond, "when can you get here". In all seriousness, most anglers can find excellent fishing between late March through October. With nearly 20 years experience we suggest you contact us so we can provide you with the most up to date information, then give you a recommendation based on our conversation. 

Lake Como and it's surrounding waters can have drastic changes in elevation and the weather can be just as dynamic as the geography. While there are good days here and there for the avid angler the weather is far too unpredictable.

  • April through May sees weather warm and often results in excellent hatches with the overcast weather.

  • The most consistent and enjoyable weather occurs from June through mid September and is popular with avid anglers and family trips alike. However we can get flash floods in these periods that completely block access to the Adda and Mera Rivers, Fortunately, we have plenty of pocket water to access great for nymphing, spinning and dry fly alike.

  • In October we see winter on the way and the Trout, Grayling, Perch fattening up on all the minnows and insect life and it really is a fantastic time of year to fish.

Review the months, see a list of pros/cons and our professional recommendations or contact us for more details...  

When is the best time to fish on lake como

by preference

Our more experienced anglers usually have a fishing preference. Whether you are a streamer junkie, dry fly only, technical sight fishing, or a nymph-o-maniac there are opportunities galore. 

Don't be intimidated by all the terms you see bantered about regarding fishing styles. If you haven't had a lot of experience with one of these techniques don't worry. Our guides are excellent instructors and they'll be happy to improve your skill set so that you'll have bigger bag of tricks on your next fishing trip.

One of best things about fishing on Lake Como is the variety; pocket water sight fishing to tough fish one day, and the next you can throw streamers to big Brown trout on the Adda River.

Choose your fishing preference from the list and see the pros/cons and our professional recommendations or contact us for more details...  

Numbers in the net

  • April, May, June & October the "Mo" has huge numbers of trout/mile

  • April, July/August - when hatches are plentiful and trout are hungry

  • August/September - great hatches for eager trout

Big Trout When & Why

  • April & late October pulling streamers for Brown trout

  • Nearly every month except August & early September

  • September/October on the Adda River near the Lake

  • April/May and October on the Upper Adda can produce monsters

  • May, June, July & September - sight fishing to huge crusiers

Dry Fly

  • April - Caddis, March Browns & Baetis; 

  • June/July - PMDs & Sulphurs; August - Midge-mania

  • May - Caddis; June - PMDs; October - Baetis

  • August - Hoppers & Drakes; September - Drakes, Baetis

  • October-November Fantastic Grayling time season on small spents


  • Year round (except August/September) produces the most trout

  • Dredging the Adda is a consistent producer throughout the fishing season

  • Technical sight nymphing is effective April-October on the Adda and pocket waters

  • October-November Fantastic Grayling time season

Streamer Junkie

  • Big water produces large trout, especially when pulling streamers. We recommend any of these rivers for streamer junkies especially between April-May and again in late September-October.

Wade and Stalk

  • April - October, excellent sight fishing opportunities abound

  • Late July - October on numerous small streams in the valley

  • April, July-October wade hot spots

  • There are a few small streams we don't publicize that have good wade opportunities

  • October-November Fantastic Grayling time season

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